Plastic Safari Ltd Crystal Cavern Dragon figurine

Crystal Cavern Dragon

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The Crystal Cavern dragon may predate almost all other dragon species, for it hails from a cavernous geode deep in the earth that was formed during the stormy volcanic period early in the planet's history. Its name comes from the large, shiny crystals of its home. Scientific Name: Draco crystallo Characteristics: Light shimmery colors belie the power and strength of the mighty Crystal Cavern Dragon. Spending much of its life near the Earth's core, it is impervious to heat and pressure. 

Non-toxic and BPA-free.

Made in China

Age Range : 4 years+
Size In : 4.8 L x 2.2 W x 4.7 H
Size Cm : 12.19 L x 5.59 W x 11.94 H