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Hi, I'm Amber, Owner of Prism Playgoods.

I'm an lgbtq mom to two children born 10 years apart. When I left a career as an elementary music teacher last year to stay home with my much awaited 2nd child, I focused my attention on my children and our home environment. After a decade of parenthood under my belt, by the time I had my second child, I already had a house full of toys, so if I was going to add anything, I wanted to be intentional. When I started choosing toys for my little one, what I found was the amazing and limitless world of open-ended play. The world where my older child was finding creative ways to play with the toys I thought I was bringing into the house for the baby! Children 10 years apart were playing with the same toys in different ways. I could see first hand that an investment in a few quality toys was one that would stand the test of time. Toys that don't "do" anything but wait for your child to imagine them into life. Not toys they grow out of, but toys that grow with children as they change developmentally. I was floored. I was in love. A short time later, Prism Playgoods was born.

Prism Playgoods will always strive to provide toys that are safe, beautiful, inclusive, made of eco-friendly materials, and have high play value.

Please follow our journey!

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